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Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Get to know the teachers & staff at PVEI with a few of their favorite things!

Laura Beyerle-White

Ashley Besecker

McKenzie Campbell

Katelyn Christensen

Laura Beyerle-White.png
MacKenzie Campbell.png
Katelyn Christensen .png

Stacie Dalton

Stacie Dalton.png

Rylee Duck

Rylee Duck.png

Aubrey Hansen

Jill Kaufman

Jill Kaufman.png

Regina Rishell

Regina Rishell.png

Sam Smerbeck

Sam Smerbeck.png

Erica Umbel

Erica Umbel.png

Kayla Daubenspeck

Kayla Daubenspeck.png

Sarah Dunkle

Sarah Dunkle.png

Angela Homan

Angela Homan.png

Emily Leach

Emily Leach.png

Gehrig Schuster

Heather Smith

Heather Smith.png

Tonia Witmer

Tonia Witmer.png

Diann Devinney

Diann Devinney.png

Laurel Frymyer

Laurel Frymyer.png

Zoe Houtz

Karen McCaffrey

Karen McCaffrey.png

Natalie Shawley

Natalie Shawley.png

Deb Stover

Deb Stover.png

Lane Wolfe

Lane Wolfe.png

Heather Dippold

Heather Dippold.png

Tessa George

Kaleena Irwin

Kaleena Irwin.png

Jen Murnane

Jen Murnan.png

Michele Shawver

Michele Shawver.jpg

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor.png

Leanne Zuech

Leanne Zuech.png

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!
Here are some fun ways you can get involved! 

(Write your teacher a thank you note!).png
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